The best way to stay verruca free – NattyMat!

One of the best things about the NattyMat is that it is excellent as a changing room floor mat.

The obvious point is simply about comfort which applies to it as a shower mat, swimming pool changing mat or sports mat. Doubling up as an extra beach mat even.

It’s a folding mat with a waterproof cover on one side so it can act as a seat cover too if it’s been raining. So simply providing a comfy wet protector from wet changing room floors to garden seats.

The fact that it’s machine washable and is constructed from bamboo fibre & microfibre is a real benefit - bamboo is a natural antibacterial agent which helps to prevent contracting a foot infection or spreading one to friends and family. No one likes a verucca which often turns in to a cluster of veruccas, causing real and unnecessary pain and discomfort. There are numerous articles and advice about verucca prevention and verucca diagnosis from the NHS at

It is so common with school age children that mumsnet has a constant flow of forum items relating to HPV or Human papillomavirus and plantar warts with particular regard to how contagious they are. These are an embarrassing illness as they are seen as being unclean or having poor personal hygiene especially if a child has to wear a verruca sock and use verruca cream when dressing with friends.

It makes sense to prevent these things by using a personal changing mat like NattyMat and to wear flip flops when transferring from pool or shower to protect feet from changing room floor contamination. On shower room floors it’s also useful to pop your little one sitting on the mat to protect them while you’re dressing.

Don’t slip up - there’s a banana skin remedy for healing verrucas, but prevention is always better than cure - and especially in this instance.

Stay free from foot infection and ‘Be Natty’ - Buy now!


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Verrucas – Plantar warts

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Verrucas - Plantar warts


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Our NattyMat product is great for walking groups and ramblers alike.Rambler_small

NattyMat provides dry and soft protection from wet seats and any damp surface where you want to park your bum and sit down for a while - soaking in the countryside - not the damp from wet surfaces.

This little NattyMat is ideal.

NattyMat folds down flat and small or rolls up small and tight to fit in a pocket or bag and weighs only 100 grams. When you unleash its full potential it unzips and folds out to a comfortable 40 x 50 cms and provides a dry seat with its waterproof layer and a soft Bamboo and microfibre blended seat side.

Once you've finished and ready to go, the NattyMat wet side zips away and folds up and you can safely pop back in your bag or pocket.

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My first initial reaction on seeing the NattyMat was it's cool,
colourful and light.

Natty Mat

Easy to put your flip-flops, swimming costume and goggles in. Neatly zip up and away you go.

My pet hate at any swimming baths is drying off with your feet having to touch the floor, and that  you don't how many people have walked on or potentially infected the area with bacteria.

I like the softness of the material under my feet and the security of knowing my feet are protected. The size is big enough for your own space and not to tread on other peoples toes and the microfibre absorbs enough moisture not to be drenched.

It's fully washable so easy all round.

This is a clever and simple idea and will work for all ages.

Good bye verrucas - Hello clean healthy feet!

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